CCTV surveillance system

Spidertechnosoft is a specialist supplier of CCTV Surveillance system. We utilise our vast technical methods enabling us to offer both a guaranteed quality product and also a competitive price.Changing times has made security surveillance more of a necessity than a choice. Potential safety and intrusion hazards at home and work requires a constant watch dog. Be safe guarding our loved ones at home or monitoring access at work, CCTV surveillance has become the first level of security against threats and thefts. In case of an unfortunate incident, recordings help decode the sequence of events, which goes long way in preparing and preventing repeats of such instances. A Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) system works using normal transmission procedure; it has a mounted security camera which captures every move within the radius and transmits it to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR), a TV screen/monitor or a PC. One or more cameras are usually mounted and connected to a DVR. Sometimes the cameras are linked to a network video recorder. When connected to a broadband network, the video can be viewed and managed over the internet from anywhere in the world.