Inventory & Accounting Software

Our Inventory and Accounting Software is a new generation user-friendly software, which can be used and installed without any prior knowledge of accounting or software training. The new Release has been considerably enhanced with new features like increased security, more user friendly, Windows Vista compatible, etc. without any compromise on the fundamental principle to keep it the Simplest, Easiest and Reliable software for Billing, Stock Management & Accounting.

Our software also changes the concept of an Inventory and Accounting Software with its Simplicity and Easy Customization of Invoices, Easy Export of Reports to Excel, Simple Masters creation, Dual Menu, User friendly Edit Window, Barcode Processing, Drill downs, Windows GUI, Quick search for all Vouchers, short cut keys for easy work process, built in Quick Reference & Help, etc. It has opened new possibilities for Inventory and Accounting and can be used by all segments of business like General Traders, Distributors, Super Markets, Electrical and Electronic shops, Computer Dealers, Retail and Hardware shops, CD & Bookshops, Accountants, Sales Tax practitioners, etc.

Medical Software

Integrated with the latest VAT purchase and sale modules along with stock management, Expiry processing. Integrated Inventory and accounting with [Trial balance, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Day Book, etc.], Payment & Receipt Module, Debit note and Credit note, modules, Reports on Sales, Purchase, Stock and Stock Expiry. Other Modules include Easy opening Stock Entry Interface, Easy Backup and Restore features, User security, User Activity monitor, Multiple Companies management, Multiple user, Multiple window processing, etc.

Hospital And Food Industry

Ideal solution for managing the entire hospital with Administration, Payroll, Pharmacy and Accounting modules integrated. General features include Front Office, Inpatient & Outpatient Registration, EMR (Electronical Medical Record of Patients), Department wise OP management, Patient Status finder, Room status chart, Admission and Discharge, Insurance claim, Ward & Doctor wise patient records, Lab test, Lab result, Room billing, Pharmacy IP and OP billing, Medicine purchase and issue to various wards, ward wise stock reports of medicine, Medicine Expiry control, Payroll & Pharmacy features included. Also general features like Administrative module with user administration, Backup & Restore, Activity monitor, Multiple company management, Multiple window processing, Integrated Inventory & Accounts, Day Book, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and other reports are available. Optional separate modules are available for Telephone Management with EPABX integration, Advanced Pay Roll Management, etc.

Hotel Software

A perfect solution to manage the daily business activity for any Hotels ranging from Medium to Star Hotels. Our Restaurant software comprise seperate modules for managing Front Office & Restaurant. Front office Management module includes features like Room Type, Guest details, Reservation, Check-in, Check-out, Receipt, Room Status chart, Room Transfers, Seasonal Schemes & Discounts, Reservation via Agents, etc. The Restaurant Management module comes with BOT & KOT Processing, Restaurant Billing, Bar Billing, Godown Management, Stock Transfers, Physical Stock Adjustment, Production, Store, Separate Stock Category Management for Raw materials, Food, Beverages, etc. Advanced Reports & Analysis of Stock, Food Costing, Recipe Mananger, Purchase, Sales, Stock with Ageing Analysis, Fast Moving Items, Slow Moving Items, Profitable Items, Tax Reports, Salesman Reports, etc. It’s a Multi-user version with integrated stock and accounting. It includes advanced features like Multiple company creation, Multiple window processing, Day Book, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, User Administration, User Groups, User Security, User activity monitor, Easy Backup & Restore, etc.

Payroll Software

Customized Software for Payroll management system with Pay Slip, Pay Schemes, Attendance Register, Custom formula, Salary Calculation, Movement Register, Wages Calculation, Job Card, User defined Allowances & Deductions, etc.

College Software

This software comes as a full module, for the day to day activities of a School, like School administration, Store Management, Library Management etc. The modules cover Admission, Identity Card Printing, Fees Receipt, School Bus register, Timetable, Class and Class Teacher allotment, Question Bank & Question Maker, Examinations, Mark List, Promotion, Department, Course and Subjects Creation, Certificate Issue, New Admission and Old Admission Reports, Teachers / Employee Details, Receipt and Payment Voucher, Day Book, Progress Reports of each Student, Subject wise entry and Grading Student, Analysis reports, Issue of school uniforms or books & stationeries to students, etc.

Library Management is included as a feature. Also general features like Administrative module with User administration, Back up & Restore, User Security, User Activity monitor, Multiple companies management, Multiple window processing, Accounts integrated Day Book, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and other reports are included. Limited Edition Versions are also available. Advanced Pay Roll Management Module and Store Management Module is optional.

Library Software

For Library Software Library Books are categorized to Author, Publisher, Department, etc. Other features include Book stock keeping, Book Purchase, Book Issue, Book Return, Book Damage Settlement, Book Label Printing, Periodicals Management, Issue Slip Printing, Return Slip Printing, Book Search (Title, Author, Publisher, etc.), Exporting of Data to Excel, Multi User, Multiple Window Processing, User Security, User Activity Monitor, User Administration, etc. Product is available in Windows and Linux Versions.

Jewellery Software

Jewellery Shop management software has Purchase, Sale & Estimate of Jewellery (Gold, Silver), Purity Categorization, Item Transfer, etc. It also covers integrated purchase of Old Gold with Sales, Value Addition, Stone Weight, Sales on Current Market Rates, Transaction with goldsmith, Physical stock adjustments. Fast billing formats, VAT & other tax repotrs available. Other features include Integrated Accounts, User Activity Monitor, Easy Backup & Restore, Multiple window processing, etc. Single User or Multi User options are available.